Lend a Helping Hand - Greeting Card


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Be cool like Robin Hood and lend a helping hand

Poetic appreciation for those who make a difference in your life and this world. From something small to monumental servitude, this card design conveys the simple importance of lending a helping hand to make a difference where you can. The importance in giving gratitude is equal to that of the kindness we do in action for each other. Keep the gratitude and service going by giving to the ones who have given to you and so to us all.

Single 4"x 5.5" Poetry Collage Greeting Card (Blank inside)

"Lend a Helping Hand" reads:
Amazing Gift
There's something special about a person who gives. And when you give, you uncover ways around a passionate, age-old impulse: hatred. And that's a pretty cool thing to do.
Give. Lend a helping hand. Make a difference. It's what made Robin Hood so cool.