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Amerikiss - Our Story

As we often should with ourselves, Amerikiss is going through yet another transformation. I, Rachelle Richard, the creator, owner and artist have also been going through a transformation which would definitely explain the new Amerikiss vision since I AM the business that is Amerikiss. :) And how fitting...just as Amerikiss celebrates 10 years.

After yet another year of struggle through 2017, I now know it as "perceived" and self inflicted but I'll get back to that...I realized I simply wasn't listening to the signs and had been listening to others, even instead of my own intuition. I had to discover I was doing too much "work" with little return. I was in desperation mode and always compromising my worth and my value. I wasn't valuing myself. I was doing so much of the same things expecting different results. And not only did I manifest negatives in my bank accounts, but I couldn't figure out why my sales were so near nonexistent. I was in victim mode...

But when I'm creating...

I cherish the time I spend creating each custom shadowbox. I make sure the quality of the frame is equal to the masterpiece created to be displayed within. I make each one as if it was my own. I do something so very few do and no one does it like I do. I put my heart and soul into everything I create. And there it all was. I take the time and loving ENERGY to create each one into a priceless one of a kind treasure. And that goes with every hand made creation manifested by these two loving hands. That is PRICELESS. But I didn't value it.

Then, after being shown signs to TEACH a vision board workshop in late spring (never once has there been one for me to take one) including social media feeds and a Reiki master and NOT listening, I bottomed out. The summer was brutal. Gratefully, I had an important event giving back to our veterans through my nonprofit Notes for Knights to plan and focus on scheduled for September. But the summer was still bad.

I went to a group gathering the beginning of September before the event and had the opportunity for a tarot card...it was beyond perfectly suitable and I didn't even have to pick it. It picked itself. "Take a break. Rest. Meditation." And it had gorgeous art image of unicorns... there is a deeper meaning but just know that I listened and I rested. I stopped EVERYTHING. I searched and discovered guided meditations that resonated so well with me that I play them all the time. I spent so much time tuning in to ME after having lost touch so long ago.

I decided to create a vision board to see what I was being guided to do and the first magazine from my less than 30 collection from several years ago that I pulled from the bin actually said, "What is your calling?" LOL! Ok, Universe, funny. Please, tell me!

The next magazine jumped out with "How to make a vision board that really works"....oh, boy. Instantly, recalling all the signs to TEACH a vision board workshop. As the journey continued, the vision board created was focused on, ahem, vision board workshops! And so the first was held in October at Burst of Butterflies and it was a SUCCESS!!! I was SO in my element. I could never have imagined this was where my journey was heading. And it was even still a small part of my higher calling.

So, I began the mindset and life transformation officially in September...doing guided meditations and going into myself. Focusing on my thoughts and creating new POSITIVE thoughts and conversations with others. In my learning and searching, I discovered a manifestation group on Facebook from which I was led to purchase a money mindset shift workbook. While I've yet to finish it and it was targeted to be only 21 days, (started in December and it's February) I will but the first two weeks of it were so shifting, my life opened up for some pretty large things! I will do it again and complete it in a more timely manner. But the shifting and the work from that book and other tools being presented to me for my higher learning and expansion take up so much time presently in addition to the HUGE new venture I and Amerikiss are on....both within the current company but also the NEW company, Empowerment Experiences!

Starting from the vision board EXPERIENCES and the desire to create a single event with Face of a Survivor, it exploded like a nuclear bomb into something MONUMENTAL. It has FOUR Amerikiss vision board experiences in addition to it leading to the revelation of my higher calling to be a mindset, manifestation and empowerment guide (coach). The elements being incorporated into all of the programs are incredible, amazing and life changing. I always wanted to save the world...now I really WILL be making a hugely impactful difference.

As I step fully into my power, you will discover I am available to you to be YOUR empowerment, manifestation and mindset guide through your life. Having walked the path myself, I know firsthand what it takes to truly make things change and STICK. I am strengthening my intuitive gifts...starting with bringing to you tarot readings from the same style of deck that gave me the ultimate message that put me on my sacred path of divinity.

Amerikiss will always have a creative component -- shadowboxes, memorial display cases, hanging magnets, greeting cards, name badges and such because I will always love to be creative. I will certainly continue the commissioned custom work and one day I will hire people to also hand create any of my duplicated creations such as the magnets and button pins. But the one of a kind creations will take some pretty special and high vibe artists to be awarded an Amerikiss label. Amerikiss is about LOVE. It is also simple and elegant. Multi-faceted and divinely guided.

So there you have it,....

The NEW Amerikiss
Gifts, Gratitude & Guidance



- About Us from January 2015 -
In the midst of a re-launch after more than seven years of zigzagging, detours and what is now referred to a "depressive episode" (I like to call it my reboot of 2012), Amerikiss is quickly gaining momentum as the business it was meant to be---bringing back the emotion of humanity through the joy derived from a priceless journey back through the time of your life and the lives of those you love.

Originally created to spread love through pocket and greeting cards and poetry collage frames, I would often say that I wanted to be in every truck stop across America. It would be my way of saving the world and making it a better place. I felt as though my own creations of collaged encouragement, support, friendship and love could truly make an unlimited impact on this country and our world.

The name "Amerikiss" was inspired by my beloved feline son whom I adopted from the pound less than three weeks after I moved to the Phoenix Valley from the sticks of Kansas on January 28, 2002.
He picked me, no doubt, so sure he seemed to think I would pass him by, too. We were truly soulmates. I gave him wonderful name from the movie "Where the Heart Is" -- Americus Nation Richard. Symbolic of our newfound freedom. My sweet little man passed away April 17, 2015 but his namesake AMERIKISS shall live on.

"Amerikiss" I originally trademarked later that year with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as it embodies my favorite "keep it simple silly" (stupid is very degrading!) and most important, the mission of creating goodness on this earth by "kissing the wounds and making them better."

So steadfast to the creed to simply give is the sweetest gift, in a few short years, Amerikiss has gone from "planned to be collage pocket/greeting cards & frames" to crocheted craziness at farmers markets then an organizing service (which created too much confrontation for me) followed by a life-altering meltdown. All of which has no doubt brought me to where I and my business, Amerikiss, are today.

Funny thing is the signs were there all along...

In high school, almost 20 years ago, I revived and reinvented the high school newspaper my junior year and was assistant editor of the yearbook. Senior year, I was editor of the yearbook. I didn't know it then, but the universe was preparing me for my divinity through the fundamental knowledge and skill of page layout and design.

During my farmers market experience, though I had NOTHING directly associated with scrapbook artistry at the time, a woman asked me if I would be interested in volunteering to teach a scrapbooking class for adults with mental barriers. I even had plenty of materials to provide for the class. It was a pleasantly interesting experience, but more importantly, it was the billboard sign I so absentmindedly missed. I literally walked out that door and went back to exactly what I was doing...something that wasn't working.

So how did I finally discover the divine purpose of Amerikiss? Although I had created other albums throughout the years, it never occurred to me to do it for others, especially as a business until I was creating the album for my english pointer, Missy-Roo, who passed away from skin cancer on February 5, 2013.

As I would complete a couple pages per day, I would sit and slowly journey through the book up to that point. Each time, as I turned the last page, the joy would be fuller so I'd take the journey again. And again, the joy grew. What I call my "soul spot" was pulsating with energy so intense, it could only be described as heavenly and other-worldly. Oh the joy that rose...and then kept rising and growing, each time more than the last. I would get through it and just had to take the trip again and again! It was amidst that glorious joy and love when it hit me... if it makes me feel so AMAZING remembering the life of my angel then I must share such a gift this immense joy with the world.

It is without doubt that I have certainly smiled and laughed far more than I have cried since she has gone. The creation and completion of her scrapbook revealed to me my true calling--my life's purpose...to compile precious memories and priceless moments with these gifts flowing from within me through the joyously creative world of custom artistry.

And so Amerikiss has been revived with a renewed purpose—creating artistic memory books and shadowboxes filled with priceless photos designed and crafted to create a warm fuzzy feeling that only comes from the simple pleasure of having a gorgeous creation that will take you back to your most treasured moments in life.

In November 2013, during a vendor event, I was "discovered" by a Chandler Chamber of Commerce Ambassador--Richard Salas--who INSISTED I make an appearance at a regular chamber meeting that following Thursday morning. At the end of the hour long meeting, having had the opportunity to share a brief 30 second bit about my business and show my Africa shadowbox, a gentleman approached me with the simple statement, "I have this box of ashes."
Somewhat confused, I inquire, "Soooo, you want a little pouch in the shadowbox with the photos??"
"No, I want the whole box."

At first, I will admit, I balked just a little. How big is this box? I wonder. But the spiritually divine part of me squashed all doubt and eagerly welcomed such a creative challenge.

So I followed him back to his place to acquire the box of remains (and to see how big it was!!) and the necessary photos...all the time not having a clue as to how I was going to make this work.

With remains, photos and a wooden spoon in hand, I headed directly to the craft supply store. The trust granted with regard to his mother's remains was and still is inexplicable. But without his mother sharing this creative journey, the creation could not have come together in such a manner that during the creative process, even the trust within myself of the talent bestowed upon me was firm and satisfying.

Having only two days to complete the creation, the first Amerikiss Memorial Display Case (EVER!) for cremated remains was done in less than 22 hours after nonstop creating since being presented with the experience. And the result, wow. Even I am amazed at what this gift within can give.

Thank you, Ralph Guariglio, for such a beautiful spiritual gift of the journey with your mother in seeking, and so finding, her final resting space within the glass walls of a memorial display case all her own. Her remains forever sealed in a mini world that embodies and encompasses both her physical and spiritual essence. Thank you. This sacred creative gift I shall now share with the world.

--Rachelle Richard